Demand truth from Sri Lanka’s president

Dear Reader, The truth is hard to find in Sri Lanka. Authorities there have done their utmost to cover up an appalling record of torture, unlawful killings and other...
Dear Reader,
The truth is hard to find in Sri Lanka. Authorities there have done their utmost to cover up an appalling record of torture, unlawful killings and other abuses. In the next few weeks, Sri Lanka will stand on the world’s political stage at the UN in Geneva and try to promote itself as a progressive state. We cannot let this go unchallenged and we need Amnesty members like you, to pressure Sri Lanka’s government to come clean about their human rights record.

Vedat Xhymshiti | between THE frontlines

Dr Manoharan from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka has evidence to strongly suggest that Sri Lanka’s security forces killed his son unlawfully. Here he explains why the success of this campaign is so important to his family. “The last time I heard from my son, Ragihar was a mobile phone text message. It just said: “DAD”. It was 2 January 2006. He had been on the beach with four of his friends, near our home. Just moments before, I had heard a bomb blast near the beach.
Since Ragihar had not come home yet, I rushed to the scene. When I arrived the navy guards said: “No, you can’t go through at the moment.” And then I heard voices crying in Tamil: “Help us! Help us!” Then they opened fire. I didn’t know what had happened. Later, they said: “Five civilians are dead and two are injured.” I was in total shock.

I visited the mortuary and the first body I saw was my son’s. He had five gunshot wounds. The government claimed that my son and his friends were killed in a grenade attack. But three of the boys had head wounds – they were shot through the back of the head. I have some photographs, and the doctor’s report confirms this. That night, I took a decision. I would challenge the authorities, no matter what. It was clear to me that the security forces had killed my son. Since then, my family and I have been fighting for an international investigation into Ragihar’s murder.
I also want the Sri Lanka government to publicly release its 2006 report that includes details about my son’s killers.
Before Ragihar died, he cried out to me for help. This is my call to you. The more people sign this petition, the louder our call for justice for Ragihar. When Sri Lanka finally tells the truth about what happened to my son and others like him, then we can say that Ragihar’s call for help has finally been heard. “
Many thanks
Danny Vannucchi
Security with Human Rights Campaigner


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