©Vedat Xhymshiti – 2009 Similar graffiti all over Kosovo, use to have had rejected Kosovo’s elections on the basis of Ahtisaari plan during 2009/2010. Written by activists of former...
©Vedat Xhymshiti – 2009
Similar graffiti all over Kosovo, use to have had rejected Kosovo’s elections on the basis of Ahtisaari plan during 2009/2010. Written by activists of former Self-Determination Movement, nowadays an obedient and loyal political subject to the system, lead by the same people which use to strongly oppose the Comprehensive proposal by UN special envoy for Kosovo-Serbia talks. The graffiti says “I Vote, You Vote, He/She vote, We/You vote, They benefit” considering Kosovo politicians as beneficiaries of whatever political developments that take place in Kosovo, while Kosovo Albanians right to referendum and self-determination continues to politically and practically receive a denial response.

by Vedat Xhymshiti | between THE frontlines

Overriding through the bloodshed of young Kosovo Albanians who gave their life against the Ahtisaari’s plan during the February 10th 2007 social political uprisings in Pristina, the leaders of the so called “movement” seems to feel much more comfortable and choose a loyalist way to the system of the country, with a claim of “we will make changes, base on our concepts”. Even more they believe it is the people of Kosovo who are not that good and ready to make changes. But seems like they have forgot that they betrayed people of Kosovo who shed their blood in the Pristina’s squares of 2007’s February as well as in the beginning of March.
Despite the fact that representatives of Self-Determination Movement was declared and pledged that they would not accept the then and current political system, in 2010 they declared as a political entity which would run in parliamentary elections in Kosovo, now they are running for the local elections which even more the date use to have been set by the Serbian PM Ivica Dacic while as the result of his political game the election papers will have no stamp neither the logo of the Kosovo’s statehood which the “Vetevendosje’s politicians are so much in love with.
However, despite the factual situation on the ground they don’t even accept the fact that they are a loyal political subject to the system, another fact for the contradictory slides that are occurred to this movement, after the events of February/March 2007 characterizing this political subject with a foolish hypocrisy.
Anyway, the November 2013 local elections base on new recent Kosovo-Serbia’s agreement are the first to be held since the country declared its independence, which still remains only an independent public administration. Kosovo’s first local elections of November 2009, presented a mixed picture of Kosovo’s democratic development fully controlled by the foreign embassies in the country’s post conflict and constantly mafia political networks development situation backed by the International powers.
Kosovo is a former province of Serbia that broke away to form an independent state after a 1998-99 war in which Serbs were accused of expulsions and random killings of ethnic Albanians, who make up 92 percent of Kosovo’s population. NATO bombed Serbian targets for two months in response.

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