Fake surveillance videos of Brussels attacks circulate online

Debunked in Brussels Terror Attack

Two surveillance camera videos supposedly showing the Brussels attacks have been widely circulating online.

They have even been broadcast by news sites. However, these are old videos that show events that took place in Moscow and in Minsk.

On Tuesday morning in Brussels, two attacks took place in public spaces that are equipped with surveillance cameras: an airport and a metro station. However, it is very rare for surveillance footage to be released to the public in the hours following an attack as this usually takes several days.

The YouTube video below was widely shared on social networks Tuesday afternoon. Its caption describes the scene as taking place in Brussel’s Zaventem airport. The footage is even stamped with the date of the Brussels attacks. Many media outlets fell for it and published it on their own YouTube channels, before realising their mistake and deleting it.

The video actually dates back to 2011. It shows an attack on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport as this video from a Russian news bulletin makes clear.


Another surveillance video that has been circulated supposedly shows an explosion in Brussels’s Maelbeek metro station.


However, by using Amnesty International’s useful YouTube Dataviewer tool, it is easy to see that it is in fact an old video. The same footage is used in this video published on YouTube back in 2013 (40 seconds in)

On the top left corner is the word “Oktiabrskaïa”, which is the name of a metro station in Minsk, as well as the date, April 11, 2011. These details correspond to the time and place of an attack in Minsk.

To avoid falling into traps like these, check out the FRANCE 24 Observers’ guide to verifying photos and videos on social media networks.

[source: France24]