Atomkraftwerk Buschehr im Iran

If a final deal isn't reached, it is likely that Iran will feel humiliated and with then move on to use facilities like this nuclear power plant in Bushehr...

(FILE) A general view of the nuclear power plant in Bushehr, Iran, on 20 August 2010. The plant will go on line on 21 August 2010 in a ceremony also to be attended by Russia’s Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation and officials of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. The nuclear fuel will gradually be injected into the 1000 megawatt reactor and full capacity is scheduled to be reached in six months. EPA/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH (zu dpa: “Iran hat große Probleme mit Atomkraftwerk – Start verzögert”) +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

Vedat Xhymshiti; is an independent journalist and war correspondent. He has reported on a number of Middle Eastern conflicts from the Arab Spring in 2010 to the current Syrian civil war. He has been published in various media including Der Spiegel, NY Times, TIME, Paris Match, Le Monde ect. He is specialized in International Relations and Diplomacy. Xhymshiti is also a print media critic, a columnist for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, and founder of

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