Eurisa Rukovci

Eurisa, is a student of Psychology at the public University of Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, as well as activist of Students' Political Club. She is primarily focused on social psychology, psychoanalysis and interdisciplinary studies of Marxist philosophy. She writes for the theoretical magazine "Leftist" and the Croatian newspaper "Bilten". She is currently involved in writing a journal subjecting the theoretical reading of rock and metal music, a matter that got her connected ever since her music career involvement at her teenage. She is contributing author at since February 2016.
  • Kontroverze oko “simboličke” predsjednice

    Njihovo porijeklo nije sasvim jasno, ali čini se vjerojatnim da su kroz njih pojedine stranke napadale svoje suparnike i da su neki od tih grafita bili odgovor na druge....
  • Rise Above!

    Seeing the troublesome circumstances a group of students who have left ideals decided to gather and start the student organisation- Students’ Political Club (KPS) in 2010 to combat all the corrupt and undermined structures in the University....

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